The Nft

I like to look to the future and imagine that the impossible can be real

«Hidden» is now available in the new @rockiapp 

In rockiapp you can buy the artist’s first nft, for this joemayk an animated cover that will never stop being the first of many and with which you will enjoy advantages in future releases, concerts and projects

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«Hidden Birth» NFT collection is now available on OpenSea NFT Market

If you like singer-songwriters, alternative rock and concerts this collection is for you, because nfts can allow us to dedicate 100% of our time to create without the distraction of «alternate meal plans» or «shit jobs»! «Hidden Birth» is a collection of 5 animated #NFTs and the audio of each one will show the evolution of my new song «hidden» since its birth.

The #0 It will have a limited edition of only 10 units and it shows the first idea that came to my head to start it, until reaching #4 which shows the final evolution of the song, you will not be able to believe how much a song can change since it is born.

In the future the #holders of this nft according to the category of the same will enjoy advantages in #concerts , exclusive material, they will be part of creative processes and much more… is what I am working on now.

So… discover that this wonderful song was born as a disaster! LOL enjoy it!

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